Financial Labs

Financial Labs

The Basic function of the finance labs is to augment the theory with application and expose the students to the broader financial community through productive interactions

The lab will not only provide practical industry problems for students to understand, debate and solve but also provide them the opportunity to engage with professionals from the finance industry to understand the community better.

The lab will include the following

Case studies

Practice problems

Real life corporate incidents

Interactions with industry experts

Competitions judged by industry professionals

Access to databases

Links to supplementary reading material


All the material in the lab would be mapped to either one or many topics and courses. The industry interactions would be carried out at logical academic intervals and would constitute the faculty guidance after the interactions also. The students could access the labs either in individual form or groups depending on the academic requirements.

There would be group discussions and industry discussions as and when available. The finance labs would be the hotbed of research in the areas of commerce and finance and would be utilized by both the industry and student community to bridge the gap in the availability of talent and breakthrough research. This research could be funded by the industry or Finkomm itself on case-to-case basis.