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CS Executive is the second stage to clear for becoming CS i.e., Company secretary. After the completion of CS Foundation Course (First Stage), there are two more courses to be completed to become CS which are CS Executive & CS Professional. So, the second stage is the CS Executive. So, in order to study CS Executive, first of all, one must know full details about CS Executive Course. Here we are providing The CS Executive Course full details for the aspiring students.

The course provided by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (I.C.S.I) is a mixture of postal tuition and optional coaching classes. Study material is provided to the student at the time of admission.

What is the fee structure of institutes?

  • Fee for Commerce students is Rs. 9000;
  • Fee for CPT passed of ICAI / Foundation passed of ICAI-CMA is Rs. 12500;
  • Fee for non-commerce students is Rs.10000
  • Fee for Foundation pass students is Rs. 8500
  • There is an additional examination fee of Rs.1200 for each module.

What are the Cutoffs Dates for registration?

  • 28th of February for appearing in both modules in December exams the same year.
  • 31st of May for appearing one module in the December exams the same year.
  • 31st of August for appearing in both modules in the June exam in the next year.
  • 30th November for appearing in one module in June exams the next year.

Subjects to be studied at CS Executive level?

Module I (4 papers)

  • Company Law
  • Cost & Management Accounting
  • Economic and Commercial Laws
  • Tax Laws & Practice

Module II (3 papers)

  • Company Accounts and Auditing Practices
  • Capital Markets and Securities Laws
  • Industrial, Labour and General Laws

When are the exams held?

  • Twice in a year i.e June and December

Roles of a Company Secretary

  1. To report to the Board about compliance with the provisions of the company’s Act.
  2. Make sure that the firm complies with the applicable secretarial standards;
  3. Provide guidance to the directors of the company, as they may require, regarding their power, duties and responsibilities.
  4. Collaborate and advise the Board in ensuring good corporate governance and encouraging the firm to follow healthy practices.
  5. Responsible for all regulatory compliances of the company

Training requirements at CS level

The students are required to undergo the following training:

7 days Student Induction Program (SIP) – within six months of Registration in Executive Program or exempted there from for becoming eligible to seek enrolment to appear in Executive Program Examination.

70 hours compulsory computer training program- for becoming eligible to seek enrolment to appear in Executive Program Examination.

8 days Executive Development Program (EDP) – after passing the Executive Program and before the commencement of 15 months training.

25 hours of professional development program (PDP) during 15 months training

15 months training after passing the Executive Program or Professional Program on completion of the Student Induction Program and Executive Development Program with companies and Company Secretaries in Practice registered with the Institute for imparting training

3 months practical training is required to be undergone by the student if the student completes the professional program examination and exempted from undergoing at least 12 months of training based on Company Secretaries Regulations,1982, as amended on submitting the documents to the Institute and fulfils the requirement of Regulation 48. This training will be exempted from the students who have undergone 15 months of training.

15 days training in a specialized agency such as the Registrar of Companies (ROC) / Stock Exchange / Financial and Banking Institution/Management Consultancy Firm can only be commenced if the student completes SIP, EDP, 15 months training and having passed professional program examination.

15 days Management Skills Orientation Program (MSOP)- after Professional Program and on completion of the Executive Development Program and 15 months training

1. The students can be exempted from undergoing training totally or partially depending on the practical experience possessed by them on fulfilling the requirement of the Company Secretaries

2. Regulations, 1982, as amended, on submitting the relevant documents.
After a student passing the Professional Program may enroll as ‘Licentiate ICSI’ at his/her option until completion of training requirements

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Pricing: 25,000/-