11th CBSE – Commerce

The course is designed to meet the academic requirements of students studying in 11th Central Board

11th CBSE – Commerce: An Overview and Subjects Of CBSE:

Commerce is one of the popular streams that a student chooses after completing their Class 10th board exams as this stream offers students a wide range of career options after completing Class 12th, that will give them a sense of financial security and make them successful. Commerce is quite popular when it comes to making the right career decision. Commerce as a stream helps in gaining in-depth knowledge of Business, Accounts, Finance and Economics. It open career options in banking, insurance, actuarial science, accounting, Financial Analyst, etc. A student from this stream gets to learn about business, management, ways of doing business, entrepreneurship, etc.

Subjects of 11th CBSE

Mandatory Subjects

Optional Subjects



Business Studies

Physical Education


Informatics Practices


Legal Studies


Regional Language

Why Finkomm?

  • At Finkomm we don’t follow the ROTE method of teaching but is going to be a practical oriented approach.
  • Students at Finkomm get access to practical’s through LABS
  • Each Class comprises of only 40 Students per batch
  • Assessments
  • Topic Based test
  • Group Test
  • Term 1 & Term 2
  • Home Assignments
  • Doubt Clearance
  • Remedial Class
  • Soft Skill’s

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Business Studies

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